Pilot Training Courses

Cockpitskills for professionals

Please find below the starting dates of our upcoming courses.
If you do not find the requested course we kindly ask you to contact us. We can set up any course on customer´s request.

C525 Type Rating MP
C560 XLS/XLS+ Type Rating
XLS:16.09.2022       XLS+:14.10.2022           
04.12.2022 11.11.2022
ATR 42/72 Type Rating

on request

C560 XLS/XLS+ Type Rating CCQ

Courses start at the same date like full type rating (pls see dates above)

TRI/SFI Course for C525, C560XLS/XLS+, ATR 42/72 & Fokker 70/100

on request

MCCI Course for C525, C560XLS/XLS+ & Fokker 70/100

on request

TRI/SFI Refresher Course

TBD                      This one-day online-course revalidates a
                             TRI/SFI license, applicable for all aircraft types!

Teaching and Learning Course



Please get in contact with us - we would be pleased to inform you about our offer.

You can reach us on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00
Tel.: +43-5-9449

Fokker & ATR: Bram Dhollander: sales.atr(at)aviationacademy.at
XLS: Eva-Maria Zumann: sales.xls(at)aviationacademy.at
C525: Ronald Beck: sales.c525(at)aviationacademy.at