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We know that every pilot has different goals, experience and proficiency levels. Therefore, we focus on individual training solutions, customized to your company's flight operations and personalized to each pilot's needs. From the first flying lesson in a single-engine piston to advanced recurrent courses for airline crews, a well-trained pilot paves the way to safer flights.

We help you to expand your skills and keep the skies safe.


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New ATPL Integrated Class started in March 2021

New dates published for our ATPL - Infodays!

Have you ever asked yourself what training it takes to become a professional pilot?

Small gifts maintain friendship and sweeten the skill test

Passing the skill test at the end of a type rating is surely rewarding.

Type Training Courses

We regularly having courses - here you will find an overview of the upcoming trainings.


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Cleared for cockpit career!

Airline standard from the beginning. Learn how professional training is getting you into the cockpit.


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