Profession Pilot

Make your dreams come true

Pilot training in AAA quality!

We are the right flight academy if you want to become a professional pilot. You know your professional goals, and we know how to get there. Our common objective is to prepare you optimally for the demands of your future profession.

ATPL integrated
Without previous experience, quickly and professionally to the ATPL. Airlines favour pilots with integrated ATPL training.

If you already have a private pilot's license in your pocket, then this ATPL from PPL course is just right for you.

ATPL Theorie only
This course provides the theoretical knowledge to take the 14 partial exams to obtain the ATPL credit according to EASA.

Our Multi Crew Coordination and Jet Orientation Training will be conducted completely in a level D full flight simulator. Get in touch with the environment you will be doing your airline selection and type rating one day.

Flying is fun!

Experience unforgettable moments and great flying experiences while being with us. We share your passion for flying and support you in transforming your dream into a career!

There's nothing nicer than doing what you've always wanted to do!

Micke Lang

AAA Student

The time I spent training as a student pilot at AAA was one of the best experiences of my life!

Andreas Klikovits

First Officer Embraer 195