Insights into the OPEN DAY at the airfield Wiener Neustadt Ost

Created by Dajana Jozic |

On June 3rd 2023, Aviation Academy Austria opened its doors and hosted a big Open Day for interested people, active and former student pilots and flight enthusiasts.

 About 300 visitors were able to find out in detail about pilot training at AAA and obtain valuable information on how to move on to the airline cockpit after ATPL training. Numerous active and former students shared their experiences and knowledge with the highly interested participants. 

"The few hours at the flight school answered all the questions I had been carrying around about flying and eliminated some of the half-knowledge. The opportunity to try myself as a pilot in the flight simulator was an exciting experience", told a visitor who is also a great flight enthusiast.

A highlight of the event was the opportunity to see our state-of-the-art fleet and take a seat in the cockpit of one of our training aircraft and in the FNPT II simulator. Students as well as flight instructors provided insights into their personal experiences during and after training and shared their technical expertise.

"I found the presence of the many student pilots, who took care of the visitors at the aircraft and explained everything to them in a friendly manner, very sympathetic and refreshing. You immediately get a good feeling and you immediately wish to be part of the crew" says a prospective ATPL student. 

In addition to our own fleet, other highlights awaited the many guests. Have you ever had the opportunity to sit in a brand new aircraft or to marvel at a private jet from the inside? This was made possible by our partners Diamond Aircraft with the impressive aircraft models DA50 and DA62 and Pilart Air with the popular all-rounder Pilatus PC-12 NG, which made their aircraft available to us for the Open Day. This created excitement not only among our guests, but also among our students and team members. 

Alexander, active ATPL student summed up the experience, "The stations with all the airplanes made the pilots' hearts beat faster for the guests, students and instructors (I could have sat in the PC-12 cockpit all day) and it was really fun to share that with everyone and tell the visitros about the airplanes and training, or just have a casual conversation with them about aviation."

The whole day was rounded off with perfect weather, fantastic catering and above all the unique AAA Spirit.

"The AAA spirit is an important USP that is hard to find somewhere else. The Open Day was the perfect way to convey the flight school vibe. After my visit, I came to the conclusion that AAA offers an optimal environment to realize my dream," stated a prospective ATPL student, solidifying his decision to start his pilot training in a few weeks. 

We say thank you to the numerous visitors, to all students and flight instructors, who gladly shared their experiences with well-founded aviation knowledge, charm and AAA spirit. Thanks to our partners Diamond Aircraft and Pilart Air for the good cooperation as well as to the management of the airfield Wiener Neustadt Ost for the smooth operation.

We are already looking forward to the next Open Day at Aviation Academy Austria!