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What does a small, single-engine piston aircraft have in common with a modern airliner? Both have the imperative of efficiency - and in both you can meet pilots who have started their training at AAA...


Airlines set highest priority in the choice of their aircraft: low fuel consumption and reasonable maintenance costs are important success drivers. Many of the pilots' decisions also contribute to making a flight economical, punctual and most importantly safe. At Aviation Academy Austria we instruct our students in the safe and efficient planning of all flights from day one: All training flights are planned with an eye to the ideal use of resources and their compliance is monitored.

AAA and Diamond Aircraft Industries have togehther developed a special model of the DV20 E, which ideally combines the requirements of modern airline oriented pilot training and cost efficiency. German magazine Aerokurier dedicates an article in the current issue to the joint project of the successful team of AAA and Diamond Aircraft.

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