Multi Crew Coordination Course

MCC & Jet Orientation Course

Multi Crew Coordination & Jet Orientation Course

This course prepares you to work in a two-person jet aircraft cockpit, dividing the tasks and communicating correctly and efficiently.

Our MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) and JOT (Jet Orientation Training) course is held at our Simulator Centre in Neusiedl am See. You'll learn to fly a jet properly in one of our full flight simulators. We are one of the very few academies, which does the MCC & JOT on a level D qualified full flight simulator!

Our syllabus exceeds the minimum requirements: Instead of only 20 hours practical MCC instruction (in a modular CPL or ATPL course) you will get 28 hours of jet-flying experience. Ground course lasts 25 hours, followed by 8 hours procedures training in the FFS and 20 hours MCC and JOT flight training on the full flight simulator. This part of your education is vital, and forms the transition to jet flight operation. The MCC course is required for airline pilots and for admission to a type rating on a particular aircraft type.

When you finish your education with your MCC certificate, you'll receive your pilot license. You're ready for departure - well prepared to apply for a position with your future employer!


You will receive a certificate confirming that you have completed the MCC training according to EASA guidelines. This will be entered in your license. In addition, you will receive a confirmation that you have completed the Jet Orientation Training.



To learn to fly, the location of the AAA is certainly an advantage.

Alexander Freyler

AAA Instructor

As a student it was fantastic to go home without open questions.

Elias Ulver

First Officer A320