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Before starting your training we are interested in to provide you with detailed information. We hope to have answered all your most important questions but there will be plenty of opportunities to address any further queries via phone or email.

Aviation Academy is located in Neusiedl/See. Are there advantages for me to train there?
Aviation Academy Austria is located in the heart of Europe — just a 15 minute drive from Vienna International Airport (Schwechat VIE Airport). We can easily be reached from all over Europe as the Airport of Vienna is well connected to the major worldwide hubs. Bratislava airport is also within close proximity of our training centre. Students living in the eastern part of Austria must not relocate to Neusiedl as we provide a combination between distant learning and classroom tutorial.

After I have finished my pilot training, does AAA provide employment assistance?
We will assist you during your training and of course after having passed your education at our flight academy.

I am not an EU citizen and wish to train with AAA. Do you accept foreign students?
Actually we have several students from abroad. We accept and assist you in becoming a professional pilot, trained in Austria.

At what age can I start my training to become a commercial airline pilot?
EASA regulations require trainees to be at least 17 years old at the beginning of the training and 18 years of age at the time of the final check flight.

How long does it take to finish the Airline Pilot Program?
If you are a full time student the training will take 16 to 18 months. For part time students, depending on their availability, the course may take 18 to 24 months. Regarding legal reasons the maximum time frame to finish the course is 36 months.

Am I likely to find a job after completing my training?
In a long-term forecast of aircraft manufacturers and airline operators there is a sustained vigorous expansion of global aviation predicted. Our training courses are tailored to meet the demands of commercial operators. Most of our flight instructors are active airline pilots. Due to that fact you are able to learn from your future colleagues. You have much better opportunities for a permanent job after completing the training at Aviation Academy Austria as we work together with well-respected airlines.

Can Aviation Academy Austria guarantee that I will be hired by an airline?
We cannot guarantee that you will be hired by an airline. However, through our comprehensive instructor team we have developed great relationships with numerous European Airlines. Our training concept and our effective personal support gives you better chances to gain a full-time position than other flight schools might.

What can I earn as a pilot after training?
Salaries for Copilots vary widely from one Airline to the other. Initial salaries in Europe are currently between 1,600EUR and 3,200EUR per month before taxes. Depending on the airline there may be varying allowances for overtime, stopovers and expenses for overnight stays away from the home base.

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