Managing Team

Ing. Thomas Herrele, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dr. Claus Rhomberg, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Hermann Gugler, Head of Training
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Mühlgassner, Chief Flight Instructor
Thomas Schindler, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Hans-Georg Rabacher, Director Marketing & Sales
Ines Ebner BA, Marketing & Sales

DI Marek Molnar, Quality Manager

Ines Bellersen-Danner, Executive Assistant
Sabrina Gärttling, Executive Assistant
Silke Mayer BA, Executive Assistant
Viola Rebscher, Executive Assistant

Ing. Roman Reiner, Head of Maintenance

Günther Berger, Maintenance Crew
Dominik Heinzlmayer, Maintenance Crew
Niklas Herrele, Maintenance Crew
Stephan Linner, Maintenance Crew
Josef Michael Mahr, Maintenance Crew
Bernhard Neuwirth, Maintenance Crew
Robert Novak, Maintenance Crew
Ondrej Sabik, Maintenance Crew

Mohieddine Ben Hassen, Arabian Representative

Ilona Zsenákné Virág, Hygiene & Cleaning
Maria Steininger, Hygiene & Cleaning

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