TRI/SFI full course


This course is designed for Pilots who wish to instruct others on the aircraft or on the simulator on relevant type. During the course you will gain the competence to manage the trainings process and to prepare type rating lessons efficently. This is a complete course for pilots who would like to ...


Valid CPL or ATPL
Valid IR
Valid C525 Rating
1500 hours flight time as pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes


Teaching & Learning (4 days)
Technical Workshop (1 day)
Practical Training on the FFS (3 days)

Teaching & Learning

The basic tool for your TRI career


TRI (SPA) restricted
TRI (SPA) unrestricted
Extention to MPO --> MCCI course


Multi Crew Cooperation Instructor
The training to extend the privilege to instruction in MP Operations.

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Our next ATPL course for becoming a commercial Airline Pilot will start on:

Friday, February 22nd 2019

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