The aim of the type rating course is to train pilots to the level which is required to assimilate the knowledge and skills to operate the C525 safely and efficiently. Beside training quality another goal is to pass the skill test in accordance with EASA Part-FCL.725.

The C525 initial type rating course takes place in our modern flight training center located at Vöslau aerodrome (LOAV), 30km south of Vienna.

You are going to complete your practical simulator training on our Citation CJ1 Full Flight Simulator. This gives you the advantage of experiencing numerous abnormal and emergency situations in a safe training environment. During your sim-sessions, all procedures are systematically explained and repeatedly practiced until you feel safe and confident.

The type rating can be done for single- or multi-pilot operations. Additionally, the difference trainings for CJ to CJ3, as well as the respective plus-versions, are included in the training course.